BIO Sesame snaps with canihua

The wealth of nutrients in sesame seeds has now been enriched with lightly roasted Canihua seeds. Small dark-red Canihua seeds pack a real nutritional punch of protein, iron and macro- and micronutrients. Naura sesame snaps with Canihua are a perfect snack during travel, physical exercise or long working hours when you need a healthy boost of energy.

Tasty snack!

Nutritional value w 100g
Energy 2009kJ / 479 kcal
Fat 22g
– incl. saturated fats 3g
Carbohydrates 60g
– incl. sugars 33g
Protein 11g
Salt 0,05g
Ingredients: BIO* roasted hulled sesame seeds 43%, BIO* rice syrup, BIO* cane sugar, BIO* roasted canihua seeds 4%
BIO* = from organic farming