Looking for the power of nature, health and taste? You will find it here! We specialize in certified organic foods. We deliver BIO products to market directly from farmers who use only natural cultivation methods and whose product quality is monitored at every stage of production: from the selection of appropriate components to product finalization and distribution.

Who we are

Our team includes high-ranking experts from various fields. We are people with passion who know what is best for human health. Together, we take care of the highest standard of our products to fulfill the expectations of the most discerning and demanding customers.

"In our portfolio, we focus primarily on health. We want to present our customers the opportunity to explore new flavors which will spice up daily diet of Poles with previously-unheard-of products. Therefore, apart from careful selection of base products that can be found in every kitchen, we also introduce our own and unique products, such as BIO black sesame snaps with chia seeds, for which we were awarded the title of Eco Innovation. Our mission is general accessibility of certified organic foods, which should be exhibited in the shops on a par with other products, and not on separate shelves."
Naura has had a series of successes in the field of organic foods. Here are some of our achievements:


The best certified organic product